Modern fencing

PP 002 (P)

Palisade fence PP 002 (R) is a combination of modern design and delicate aesthetics. This model due to its lightweight Fore emphasizes the qualities of the garden and grounds. In conjunction with today's design private properties receive consistent and trendy design that emphasizes freely chosen color. Zinc and modern applied paint coating provides long-term warranty against corrosion.

Anticorrosive protection
An advanced system of surface preparation as well as two anticorrosive coats (zinc + powder coating) in the DUPLEX system ensure long-term resistance to the weather conditions.

Quality assurance
All the elements of the fencing are made from attested first-class quality materials, which come from the top European steel producers. We provide quality certificates and anticorrosion guarantee for all fences.

Standard Colouring

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PP 002 (P)