Modern fencing

2D Straight Panel Fencing

Panel Fencing is a professional fencing system which is characterized by solid and durable construction, attractive appearance as well as favourable value for your money. Triangular panel fencing was created for industrial and trade establishments, companies, institutions as well as to fence private estates and recreational areas. 

Anticorrosive protection
An advanced system of surface preparation as well as two anticorrosive coats (zinc + powder coating) in the DUPLEX system ensure long-term resistance to the weather conditions.

Quality assurance
All the elements of the fencing are made from attested first-class quality materials, which come from the top European steel producers. We provide quality certificates and anticorrosion guarantee for all fences.

Standard Colouring

1. Technical Specification


Wire diameter:
Vertical wires Ø 5 mm or Ø 6 mm Horizontal wires Ø 6+6 mm or Ø 8+8 mm 

Post profile:
Bar 60x40x1,5 mm or 60x40x2 mm

Fencing span height:
1,03m / 1,23m / 1,43m / 1,63m / 1,83 m / 2,03m 

Panel width:
2500 mm

Post height:
1,5 m / 1,7 m / 1,9 m/ 2,10 m / 2,40 m / 2,6 m 


Zinc-plated in accordance with the norms PN-EN ISO 1461 + powder lacquer

Standard colours:
RAL 9005 / 7016 / 6005 

Non-standard colours:
According to your wishes from the RAL palette

Gloss level:
Half-matte or matte on request