Modern fencing

PP 002

TCS system sliding gates are manufactured from high quality steel sections, according to numerous standard sizes or can be ordered in the desired size. The overall design concept and careful selection of materials and technical parameters are based on years of experience and thousands of gates proved in wide range of applications: commercial and industrial facilities, plants, companies, warehouses, residential estates, car parks, institutions, administration facilities, public utility facilities, recreational areas and private properties.

Anticorrosive protection
An advanced system of surface preparation as well as two anticorrosive coats (zinc + powder coating) in the DUPLEX system ensure long-term resistance to the weather conditions.

Quality assurance
All the elements of the fencing are made from attested first-class quality materials, which come from the top European steel producers. We provide quality certificates and anticorrosion guarantee for all fences.

Standard Colouring

Cantilever Gate

TCS System Sliding gates are self-supporting gates. The gate is suspended above the ground and its movement is conducted along a track, which is placed in the foundation. Since the gate does not touch the ground, which could be covered with sand, mud or snow, the movement is stable in all conditions. 

Gate automation

All our gates can be ordered with full automation, manufactured by top European producers, such as CAME, FACC or NICE. The gates can be remotely controlled, which ensures high comfort of usage, especially when the gate has to be opened and closed often.

Handle and lock

TCS System sliding gates are equipped with key lock and handle for convenient, manual opening. Even if the gate is equipped with automation it is a useful feature – especially in the case of lack of electricity.

1. Technical Specification


Carrying profile:

C channel structural steel profile 70x70x25 mm
or 80x80x25 mm


Two adjustable gate rollers, roller carriage set, hook lock, gate keeper post, leading portal posts

Gate frame:

Rectangle structural steel profile 50x30 mm
or 60x40 mm / 80x40 mm

Anticorrosive protection:

Galvanized + powder coating


Rectangle structural steel profile 25x25 mm



Profile 80x80 mm                                                                                                                          



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