Garden lighting

Here we showcase basic information about the whole system.

Plug&play. To install in-lite lighting, you do not need specialized knowledge or skills. The essence of the whole system is simplicity, ease of installation and the possibility of quick and easy expansion in the future. The special connector system allows you to install individual components without tools. The whole system is powered from a single transformer, which can be operated in automatic mode (motion detector, twilight switch, timer) if needed.

Low Voltage Power Supply – 12 V. All power is distributed through a single cable from a dedicated transformer. The cable can be terminated at any time – it does not require “closing” the circuit. Low voltage power supply is very safe even if the cable is damaged. For this reason, it is not necessary to place the wiring deep in the ground as in the case of 230 V supply.

Easy assembly. The average time of installation of the basic system is 20 minutes (except for preparatory work, such as drilling in stone). If you have prepared a lighting plan, then just lay out the wiring and plug the lamps in the right places. In the future, additional elements can easily be attached by the quick coupler system.

The photos show some of the in-lite proposals and examples of their use.

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