Soil stabilisation system

Soil stabilisation systems

TPP THERMOPLASTICS POLAND offers you an effective, simple and ecological soil stabilisation system INOVGREEN. Grilles
We have been manufacturing Inovgreen lawn and parking decking since 2005, constantly ensuring that our products are of the highest quality.
INOVGREEN is a durable, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly substrate curing system
landscaping. INOVGREEN grilles are completely neutral for the environment and surfaces lined with them perfectly
are suitable for greening. The INOVGREEN system is also an excellent alternative to traditional paving methods.
This is ideal for small and large investments.


INOVGREEN grilles are characterised by exceptional resistance to loads. For filling with aggregate, gravel, earth or other
similar material, have a strength of up to 1,000 tonnes/m2 confirmed by laboratory tests.
INOVGREEN grids meet the requirements for materials used to stabilize soil for heavy transport
vehicular traffic, e.g. access roads for fire brigades.


The installation system of Inovgreen grilles is easy and fast, it does not require much labour (1 person is able to install up to 100m2 within
hour). The cost of preparing the substrate is significantly lower than for concrete or paving surfaces. Using the system
Inovgreen avoids the charges associated with discharging rainwater into the sewer system.


The INOVGREEN soil stabilisation system fits in perfectly with contemporary trends in environmentally friendly land management.
The use of INOVGREEN grids makes it possible to preserve the biologically active area required by law when implementing


The surface lined with Inovgreen grids guarantees excellent infiltration of rainwater and snowmelt into the §grunt. Surface
lined with INOVGREEN grids does not need to be channelled, which significantly reduces the costs of investment and subsequent operation.
The granulate used in the production of INOVGREEN grids comes from 100% recycled plastic. Raw material for production
is certified to be free of heavy metals or other pollutants harmful to health and the environment

High quality

Inovgreen products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 international standards. INOVGREEN grilles are manufactured
in Poland from the highest quality raw materials from certified manufacturers. The high quality of the material used in production guarantees
the exceptional strength and flexibility of INOVGREEN grids.

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