One of a kind

The system has a built-in encoder that monitors the proper movement of the gate: the presence of an obstacle causes the wing to break or, after proper alignment, reverses the direction of movement.
Self-diagnostics of safety devices and mechanical stops adjustable for motion recognition.


For the installer: simplifying the electrical connections with the presence of a single, three wire lead, EN Tested technology for obtaining a certificate of conformity with European Union Standards.

For the user: the ability to safely automate their own gates with sophisticated control electronics; Card to connect emergency batteries in case of power failure (optional).

Total control

The Amico actuator control board, in addition to the usual control and safety functions, allows for easy and convenient opening and closing times depending on your needs.


Reliable, trustworthy and discreet. Amico automation has been designed for doors with wings up to 1.8 m wide.
Rugged protective case with convenient access for unlocking key.


RAL colors

Quality of PN-EN

Resistance to
Atmospheric conditions

We care about
the environment


The main goal of TCS is to provide our customers with comprehensive service at the highest level. Thanks to that, all our products are distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship. This is ensured by our manufacturer, KONSPORT, Quality Management System, certified by ISO 9001, issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. All stages of creation are strictly controlled, so that our fences have long-term guarantee and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.