Unlimited strength

The installation to the ground must be done carefully and carefully, and the high quality of the components will decide on the rest: the elements exposed to the weather are very solid and the internal electronics controls the operation of the safety devices connected to the installation before the opening and closing of the door.

Bk has adjustable feet to perfectly align with the ground and to the rack on the door leaf.


For the user: The system uses an encoder to guarantee safe and smooth movement and to ensure the safety of the gate user.

Electronics 230V

  • Stopping the gate by pressing the radio button; traffic control always at hand;
  • Partial opening of the gate to enable pedestrian crossing;
  • Safety also when the gate is closed, each command is canceled when obstacles are detected by the safety devices.

Advantages of a three-phase motor

  • Greater thrust in motion: Three-phase 230-400V control electronics allow for greater dynamic thrust in the initial phase of motion, avoiding critical situations related to the door weight;
  • Intensive operation: three-phase motor is a guarantee of operation even in the most difficult conditions of use and in industrial facilities;
  • Inertia control: At heavy and heavy industrial gates the weight of the gate often presents a serious problem that must be solved to ensure proper and safe operation of the gate.


The BK1200-P is equipped with PRATICO SYSTEM, a patented convenient device that eliminates the tedious manual unlocking function in the absence of electrical power.


Optimal solution for large sliding gates up to 2200 kg and up to 23 m long. Smooth and regular movement that perfectly integrates with the needs of even very intensive work.


RAL colors

Quality of PN-EN

Resistance to
Atmospheric conditions

We care about
the environment


The main goal of TCS is to provide our customers with comprehensive service at the highest level. Thanks to that, all our products are distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship. This is ensured by our manufacturer, KONSPORT, Quality Management System, certified by ISO 9001, issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. All stages of creation are strictly controlled, so that our fences have long-term guarantee and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.