GORC de Lux Fence - GORC® Split Fence is an original idea of ​​JONIEC company launched in Poland in 2003. Its appearance is related to stone - the material has been used in construction for many years.

GORC® de Luxe GL22 concrete fences have characteristic vertical and horizontal welds visible on the surface of split blocks - this creates a unique aesthetics of posts and bases. The system consists of two-piece block blocks and wall blocks. The edges of the blocks are pre-chipped and as a result the stacked blocks form a high aesthetic weld between them, eliminating the need for grouting. As the system name indicates - this is a split-surface product. The technology of mechanical splitting gives natural and unique breakages that improve the blocks and make them look like natural sandstones.

The GORC® de Luxe GL38 split fence is the larger equivalent of the GORC® de Luxe GL22 concrete fence. The ability to combine the GL22 and GL38 system elements gives you the great opportunity to arrange and match the fence to your building's architecture. The most popular solution is the use of GORC® de Luxe GL38 posts and GORC® de Luxe GL22 substrates. The fence built in such a system acquires dignity and majesty.



Alaska Bronzite
Citrine Black
Goethite Golden
Cream Lava
Onyx Sand
Pyrite Vera



RAL colors

Quality of PN-EN

Resistance to
Atmospheric conditions

We care about
the environment


The main goal of TCS is to provide our customers with comprehensive service at the highest level. Thanks to that, all our products are distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship. This is ensured by our manufacturer, KONSPORT, Quality Management System, certified by ISO 9001, issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. All stages of creation are strictly controlled, so that our fences have long-term guarantee and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.