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HARTIKA fences. Beauty for years.


Hartika is a Polish producer of the highest quality durable composite wood based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The company’s mission is to inspire and provide solutions to change houses, gardens and public space with care for the natural environment and sustainable development. The wide area of applications makes Hartika composite wood a versatile arrangement material, which allows you to obtain unusual aesthetic effects ensuring high utility values of the designed objects.
The range of Hartika products includes a composite terrace system and a system of composite fences enabling free, durable and extremely aesthetic development of places where pleasant materials resistant to the forces of nature count.



Hartika fences are a modern, universal system that ensures quick construction of fences and fences in almost unlimited configuration variants. The ease of adaptation, simplicity of assembly, resistance to weather conditions and no burdensome maintenance procedures make the Hartika fence system a great solution suitable for both individual investments and public applications. The versatility of system applications is complemented by a number of elements of small garden architecture, which can be made using composite wood, in particular gas, pots, pergolas and gazebos.

In harmony with nature.


Composite wood is a durable, reliable material, which is an attractive alternative to traditional terrace covers and fences. It combines the beauty of natural wood, concrete durability and plastic resistance. The reliability of Hartika composite wood is ensured by the combination of an innovative PVC warp with ecologically obtained wood fibers.


Extraordinary durability.


The Hartika system was created on the basis of a natural, specially selected wood, which was strengthened by high -quality PVC high -quality PVC. Hartika system elements have a 25 -year warranty for clout and rotting and do not require maintenance, impregnation or painting. Their use for many years will be free from replacement or renovation costs.


A color that does not age.


When creating a material recipe, the experience and knowledge of reputable European scientific institutes and leading providers of color components were used. The use of UV filters in the entire structure of the material and the highest quality pigments avoids color changes even with long -term and intensive exposure to sunlight.

Simplicity and mounting speed.


Both the terrace and fence system offered by Hartik consist of a number of fitted elements enabling easy assembly of the terrace, fence, balcony buildings or the arrangement of a pleasant and useful recreational space. The whole system has been matched in terms of compliance of appearance and coloring. Apart from the standard tools (saw, drill, screwdriver), installing the system on a sufficiently stable ground does not require additional tools.


Complete construction certification.


The Hartika terrace system has a national technical assessment enabling it to be used as part of public investments and multi -family residential buildings, both as floor and roofing. Complementing quality parameters is the highest possible for wood composites classification of reaction to BFLS1 and Brooft1 fire, as well as PZH hygiene certificate.

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