Simple to use: Large 7 "high color display with touch-sensitive function keys and built-in speaker for easy operation.

Functional: Up to two monitors can be connected to one monitor, two CCTV cameras and up to three additional slave monitors.

Easy to install: Monitor mounted on a special holder. The talk panel with the angle bracket enables installation in hard to reach locations.

"Do not disturb" function: At the moment of activating the function, sound signaling during call, intercom connection and broadcast will be disabled.

Listening to another monitor: This feature allows you to listen to another monitor. During listening to another monitor, the user hears the sounds coming from the listening room, but the person from the room hears no sounds from the monitoring room.

Parameters Look Eye B/G/Plus
Installation Concealed Surface
Working temperature 0 + 40  °C -30 + 60  °C
Power usage 7W max / 0,7W stand-by 2,5 W
Voltage 15V DC 10 - 15V DC
Weight 430 g 164 g
Size 210 x 116 x25 mm

48 x 133 x 15,5 mm


Videophone set for single family home.


RAL colors

Quality of PN-EN

Resistance to
Atmospheric conditions

We care about
the environment


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