The main element of the P302 system is an XPS boardwhich, in addition to being secured with channel sections, is covered on both sides with polyester sheet metal (used, among others, in the production of roofing).

System features and characteristics


The XPS plate consists of the inner and outer part. The outer part is a cladding made of 0.5 mm thick polyester sheet.


  • The center of the plate filled with polystyrene foam with a homogeneous structure.
  • The plate is used as a base filling of fence elements (wickets, gates, spans) or as a fence foundation.
  • The upper and lower part of the plate is covered with a price made of sheet metal and texture as the cladding. There is a delicate, almost invisible line at the place of connecting the cladding with price.
  • Available in two colors: graphite and brown.


In the design of gates and gates, a frame made of 80/80/2 mm shapes is used and the welded 30/19/2 mm angles for the decorative covering of the filling places with the frame.

The offered constructions are self -supporting gates for depressed (up to 5800 mm width) and industrial (up to 7500 mm wide), tilting gates (up to 7500 mm wide) and wickets. The model is compatible with the Konsport broken gate system.

The span is not available in the form of a ready -made factory detail. The product is delivered in the form of individual XPS boards requiring independent installation at the investment site. Installation is carried out using assembly centers matching traditional steel poles and poles made of shaped stones, system fence blocks or other similar solutions.


Decorative modules for P302


The P302 model is a simple fence structure in which XPS plates in graphite or brown. It is possible to enrich the fence line with additional decorative modules. Two modules are available for the P302 model:

PB002 – draws its aesthetics from the PB001 model. A solid 2 mm weight sheet has been cut in places on the pattern of oblong holes of different width. The effect obtained in this way gives the impression of some irregularity as in combination with XPS and zero ground clearance between them, it gives a very clear and aesthetic accent. The PB002 pram is available in full Konsport colors, including metallized and small structures.

PS005 – based on the design of the PS004 model. Delicate rails, arranged horizontally in a window reminiscent of window blinds. The rail spacing is in the range of 60-70mm, but their system effectively hinders insight into the property.

Standard colors


RAL 8019

RAL 8017

RAL 7040

RAL 7030

RAL 9005

RAL 6005

RAL 7016

RAL 7021

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