• Function of the gate, that is partial opening of the gate - thanks to it when you walk or ride the bike do not have to wait until the gates completely open
  • Automatic door closing function - with the possibility of setting the time at which the door closes at the entrance of the vehicle, so you do not have to remember to manually close the gate
  • Self-locking drive, which means that the gate locks mechanically when the engine is stopped. This eliminates the need for additional mechanical locking of the door with the lock, nor can it be opened manually.
  • Amperometric obstacle detection system - used to detect any obstacles that may occur during normal door movement. With this function, when the obstacle encounters an obstacle, the actuator stops the gate and changes its direction of motion.
  • Fototest function - before every move of the gate, the control panel automatically checks to see if the photocells are functioning and when everything is working properly, the gate is in motion.
  • The auto-programmable function, which automatically stores the end position of the gate during programming, ie remembers how the maximum gate can open at every move.
  • Power, mode, speed can be adjusted on 8 levels
  • When not in use, it goes into sleep mode significantly reducing energy consumption
  • The function of smooth release when closing and soft start - it consists in reducing the speed so as to avoid a strong jerk when opening or closing the door. Thanks to that, the gate works smoothly and does not make noise during operation.
  • The ability to connect the battery, so that the device will open the door even in the absence of power.
Parameter Unit Value
Max gate length m 8
Max gate weight kg 400
Voltage/Engine voltage V 230/24
Amperage A 1,1
Power W 250
Speed m/s 0,34
Maximum starting moment Nm 12
Strength N 400
Level of security IP 44
Working temperature °C min./max. -20/ +50
Size mm 330x195x277
Weight kg 8
Central   RBA3/C
Cycles per hour   20


Drive for sliding gates up to 400 kg with built-in control panel. Powerful, fast, with advanced electronics. Thanks to advanced technical parameters, opening even heavy doors is done in a quiet and smooth manner.


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jakości PN-EN

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warunki atmosferyczne

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