The 24V motor with encoder has 300 W power and torque of 100 Nm. The built-in XBA20 control panel uses BLUEBUS technology, so installation is smooth and without technical problems. There is also no hassle with connecting additional accessories. Because of the separate zones in the housing, mechanical and electronic operations can be carried out separately with maximum safety standards.

S-BAR also has functionality known from other Nice devices. Rich self-diagnostic capabilities make it easy for the fitter and service technician. The number of flashes of the warning lamp determines the type of error and allows for immediate identification and localization. During work, the cut-off function is activated in the event of an obstacle. With the optional Emergency Battery, it is possible to operate even when the power is off.

The 4 m center unit consists of a 24V gearmotor, housing, XBA20 control panel, oval arm holder, anchor and mounting base plate.

Parameter Unit Value
Voltage V 230/SOLEMYO
Engine voltage V 24
Auxiliary power   PS124
Power usage W 300
Current A 1
Degree of protection IP 44
Torque Nm 100
Minimum opening time s 4
Working temperature °C -20 do +50
Intensity of work cycles/hour 100
Size mm 330x180x1180
Weight kg 46



S-BAR electromechanical barrier for private, public and industrial applications with an arm length of up to 4 meters for intensive operation. Solid steel construction and new, robust springs guarantee up to a million operating cycles. The arms are designed in an elliptical shape, so they are resistant to strong winds.


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