Terrace system DEX

Basic composite deckingincludes themodern DEX composite system, which combines high product quality with a highly attractive price. They make it possible to significantly reduce the costs of planned investments, without having to compromise on the choice of the best materials.

DEX composite decking boards, as well as other decking systems in the ProDeck range, are manufactured in Poland, in Niepołomice near Kraków.

Advantages of the DEX composite system

  • production in Poland
  • easy and quick installation
  • high resistance and resistance to weathering
  • Composite chambered plank with standard brushing on both sides, two usable sides: narrow trapezoid or wide trapezoid.
  • wood content: 45%
  • PVC content:40%
  • additive content: 15%
  • Guaranteed against rotting and decay: 10 years
  • general warranty:2 years
  • purpose: terraces, balconies, patios


Colour palette

Graphite, dark brown, grey

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