How to choose the right fence?

Fencing is an important part of both the property and the construction site. Jak prawidłowo wybrać odpowiednie ogrodzenie?

First, you need to determine what kind of space you want to fence, and then choose the right fence for the space.

Temporary fences

These types of fences are mostly usedto secure construction sites,but also at industrial areas or to secure mass events.

Temporary construction fences can include openwork fences, portable fences, and enclosed portable fences. Thanks to them we can be sure that the construction site is properly secured and no unwanted people can get into it.

If our goal is to secure a mass event, separation fences should be purchased. Te niskie ogrodzenia zabezpieczają teren poprzez jego oddzielenie i wyznaczenie określonych granic. These types of fences help maintain order at mass events and ensure the safety of those in attendance.

Panel Fences

They are characterized by easy installation and aesthetic appearance. They are usedon private properties, housing estates, playgrounds or sports facilities.

Panels are made of vertical and horizontal steel rods, which are welded together locally to form a single, coherent whole. Panel fencesare protected against corrosion, so this type of fence will serve for a long time.

Palisade fences

They are usedfor fencing, among others, private properties. They are used in fencingThey are available in several colors, so there is a possibility of individual selection for your space, including private property. They feature galvanized steel construction and powder coating to ensure the highest quality fence.

Palisade fences can be made in vertical (sections) or horizontal (profiles) versions. In both forms there is a possibility of free arrangement, thanks to which their setting and spacing width can be adjusted to one’s own expectations. This freedom will make our fence special and unique.

Split fences

Fences of this type are built with small blocks, which creates the possibility of different arrangements. Slate fences can be delicate and discreet or powerful and stately. Mainly used on private properties.

They are available in several colors and perfectly imitate natural stone, so they perfectly match any style of fenced building. The modern form of split fences ensures their enduring popularity.

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