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Solid system fences - TCS company from Szczecin

Fences are an important part of any property. They serve the purpose of marking out private or company areas, protecting the area from unwanted people and at the same time complementing the design of the building environment. Four elements count in modern fences: aesthetics of workmanship, design style, durability of materials and installation method. Particularly the latter is of importance when making a large area land border. Therefore, both temporary construction fences and structures intended for demarcating the boundaries of industrial or private facilities are manufactured in the form of systems.

What are systemic fences

System fences are constructions which are adapted for convenient assembly. Both individual panels and additional accessories make this possible. The systems are made for quick connection and stabilisation of components. As a result, the construction of a fence of several dozen metres takes little time and does not require any complicated operations. Solid system fences are made of metals with high resistance to environmental conditions. They are usually galvanised, which gives them enhanced corrosion protection. We complement our Konsport metal fences and Alfen aluminium fences with other proposals. These include Joniecmodular and split fences, Kost-bet concrete fences, and ProDeck composite fence boards.

About the company

TCS Ogrodzenia from Szczecin sells, installs and services modern fencing systems. We offer fences of such companies as Konsport, Joniec, Alfen and Kost-bet and ProDeck. We carry out investments all over the country. We offer our customers a…Read more>

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