Types of gate automation

The security of any property and subsequent buildings, such as a garage, is a top priority. One of the elements that significantly improves it is properly designed fence, of which the gate is an integral part. The gate we can order from TCS Ogrodzeniais a movable element that allows entry into the yard by the facility and by closing it prevents entry of vehicles that should not be there. Gates are also used in securing various objects, most often garages.

The function is very similar, but is concerned with preventing entry into the room itself. Gates can be divided into two basic types, ordinary, which we have to open by ourselves, using force, and automated, which are equipped with electric motors that allow them to lift on special command of the owner, which he gives by remote control. Manual systems are still used, due to the fact that not everywhere, such as on allotments, there is access to electricity, or the owner for various reasons does not want to generate additional costs. Gate automation is increasingly used at properties, as a result of the fact that it is convenient, reliable and allows you to speed up certain activities. So you don’t have to get out of the car when it’s raining to open the garage door, or wrestle with the mechanism while dressed elegantly for example for a wedding. It is worth betting on this type of system, which facilitates many issues related to gates and their use.

Types of automation

Automation of entrance gates and garage gates is varied, which is related to their purpose and special conditions. One of the more popular solutions is the automation of barriersand parking systems. It is used, among others, in In shopping mall parking lots, at clinics and in private areas, where the aim is to reduce customer parking time or avoid the risk of clogging the area with local residents’ vehicles. This type of security is then opened either by having an authorized person enter the vehicle, or by scanning the entry ticket, or by reading the license plate. These types of solutions are often complemented by additional intercoms that allow you to contact the right person, and also allow you to directly enter a code to open the gate.

Gate automation is also a system that allows efficient management of entrance gates to the private property and to the garage. They include, among others, drives for garage doors, swing gates and sliding gates. They are managed from the remote control and increasingly smartphone applications allows you to open, and close the gate remotely from a distance of several to several hundred kilometers. Automation, although similar in operation differs in mechanical solutions that depend on the conditions of the place where such a system will be mounted. The multitude of options allows you to install can automatic gate virtually anywhere.

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